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A guide to the Nikon D3500 deals

First-time buyers need the best possible deal. The Nikon D3500 isn’t only its creator’s lightest DSLR, at just 415g with battery and memory card, it is also the least expensive to start with. Buying a  Nikon D3500 bundle is the best if one is looking to own all the accessories every professional photographer requires while conserving money in the process.

Nikon D3500 lens gives outstanding pictures

Nikon D3500 deals guide

The fact that it comes bundled with a lightweight 18-55mm lens kit in the box guarantees you get anything you require to immediately start taking images and shooting videos. It is also compatible with a broader variety of lenses and accessories of the manufacturer which can grow-in line with one’s own photographic pursuits. Nikon doesn’t include picture stabilization in the D3500  lenses, that is something to bear in mind when selecting lenses.

With a 24. -megapixel CMOS APS C sensor, it is easy to get familiar with this camera’s operational basics and a guide mode is provided as well. Another important feature of Nikon D3500 is a 5fps-maximum shooting rate.

The Nikon D3500’s Bluetooth keeps you connected

A beginner will be satisfied with the Nikon D3500 Bluetooth which is always connected and makes it easy to share pictures and videos to the smartphones and other devices.

Nikon D3500 battery life

Another positive point is the Nikon D3500’s battery life. A complete charge from its lithium-ion pack would provide 1,550-images, which is pretty unimaginable for the consumer digital camera and a good 3 or 4 times the amount that you would get of the alternative on a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

If compared to a mirrorless camera however, the D3500 group will look chunky. Though the-upshot is which we receive a decent sized-handgrip on the comparison. The LCD isn’t touch-sensitive and the button-layout is arranged in a way such that you do not unexpectedly activate buttons we don’t need at the time.