GoPro Karma Drone Review and Prices

What makes the GoPro Karma right for me? That’s a question that is very popular among drone users who want to upgrade without breaking the bank. The GoPro Karma is a compact, lightweight drone used by people just learning to fly to people who have been flying for years. What makes it stand out from others is the ability for friends or family to use GoPro Passenger which is an app that allows them to see the whole flight in real-time. With a 20 minute flight time and a quick and easy return to the home button, you could be flying it right out of the box with ease.

gopro karma price

The GoPro Karma has the ability to be flown from up to 3,280ft away. The reason it’s one of the best drones out there is the GoPro Karma drone price starts at $599.99 however, that does not include the GoPro itself. Right out of the box it comes with 6x propellers, Karma battery, Karma case, Karma charger, Karma controller, Karma grip and mounting ring, Karma harness and the Karma stabilizer. The controller is very conformable to hold and has an impressive sleek design that stands out from the competition. GoPro Karma controller has an active touch-screen as well as its own software and hardware (not an app) which has fewer bugs and easier fixes, the controller is an amazing device on its own.

GoPro karma drone with no camera

Bottom line is overall the GoPro Karma, in my opinion, the best drone you can buy under $1,000. The only people this drone is not for is those who don’t see the value in the Karma drone but, once you buy it and use it the drone sells itself. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest store that has one on display and is truly amazed by what the Karma can do.