Is the CanonT6i bundle worth it?

Companies always have products to sell, and their advertisers can make you feel like you’re missing out from not buying that fifth extra zoom lens (that’s aside from the original zoom lens the cam came with) they swore you’d need.

So is the Canon T6i bundle worth it? Or are the accessories enclosed just stuff that needs to be sold?


best Canon T6i bundle deals

First off, your Canon T6i will most likely be used to take personal, not professional photos so your accessory needs will be a bit more basic than those of a professional photographer.

Secondly, each bundle is packaged quite differently, hence contain different accessories, so keep a keen eye before hitting that buy button.

Thirdly, buying in bundles are way more cost effective and safer, since the gadgets enclosed are usually compatible with your Canon T6i. The issue is that you may end up paying for what you don’t need so you might as well buy the accessories separately.

Before you decide, here’s what you’ll find in most Canon T6i bundle deals;

● Extra lenses (extra zoom, prime or both)

● Memory card (sometimes two)

● Tripod (try to note what height it is in inches, and what weight it supports)

● Shutter Remote control

● lens cleaning kit

● Flash unit

● Extra battery


Battery Grip, disc light reflectors or extra batteries.

If this isn’t your first camera, perhaps you got a bundled gift some time ago, buying accessories separately may provide the best value for you if your previous bundle came with Canon T6i compatible accessories or if you have a peculiar need.

This isn’t always the case, so an all-inclusive bundle can be a smarter choice, especially if you’re just learning the ropes.

Remember although companies need to sell their products, they’re usually aware of their potential client’s needs, which is why most bundles are packaged to suit different needs.

Hence you’ll likely find a bundle combination that provides a better value for you without having to resort to aftermarket purchases.