Zoom lenses vs prime lenses: The guide

A prime lens is a type of lens whose focal length is fixed while a zoom lens is one that has a variety of lens on one lens. The zoom lens has a wide variety of focal lengths and it makes it possible to shoot both wide and longer focal lengths. However, for primes lens, the user is required to move to achieve the best focal length.

There are therefore arguments for both lenses as follows:

Arguments for prime lenses

prime lenses

  1. They are high quality hence producing clean and precise shots.
  2. They are cheaper than zoom lenses. It is due to simple constructions as it requires less moving parts.
  3. They are lighter and even smaller those zoom lenses with the same focal length because of its simple construction. It is therefore convenient to move around with.
  4. Due to a wide aperture, it produces faster shots as compared to zoom lenses. This feature allows you to shoot in conditions of low light without flash.
  5. Using these lenses train you different techniques and earn you more creativity. It is because you move around to look for the best focal length, unlike the zoom lens whereby you just zoom in and out while in the same position.

Arguments for zoom lenses

Zoom lenses

  1. They are flexible since you can change focal lengths without much movement especially in situations where you are constantly looking for random shots like sports and even wedding.
  2. While zoom lens is more expensive than a prime lens, the cost of one lens in comparison to multiple lenses should be considered.
  3. Compared to the light weight of the prime lens, the zoom lens has only one lens with multiple lenses which can be carried around while you are required to carry several lenses for a prime lens which could be achievable with just one zoom lens.


The best lens to use depends on different factors like style and type of photography, budget, and many other factors. It is therefore advisable to have both types of lenses for quality production in the photography field.